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Future cars are here again, the sky above is blue again! Okay, so I'm a little excited about the future cars that will grace our highways and byways and even skyways one day. While some future cars may be just a part of science fiction, there are many that are real in concept or prototype and on the leading edge of science.

So, in effect, future cars are here, now! At least most of them are. It's amazing how many future cars exist today, from hydrogen to electric and biofuel vehicles to even flying cars. It is the intention of the site to cover all sorts of future cars, from those that exist today to the ones that are still on the drawing boards.

Of course, no one uses a drawing board today. That is so last year. Today, future cars are conceived on the computer in great detail. These future cars are actually concept vehicles, which have yet to be built. Once built, the future car is considered to be a prototype.

If a future car actually does move from concept to prototype, then the next step is for it to become a production vehicle. It is at this point that a future car is no longer considered to be so since it has arrived as a regular production model that anyone can buy. These are not the cars, however that will be featured on this site, unless, that is they happen to make it all the way from concept to production over the next several years.

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The future cars we're concerned with are the concept and prototype vehicles that may one day make it to the showrooms, though most will not. Even though most future cars will not make it into the showrooms, they are valuable to many since they exhibit the possibilities for the future.

Design, architecture and powertrain technology in future cars can be drastically different than anything seen on a typical car lot. And, this is the way, many fans of concept and prototype vehicles like it. For instance, there have been a few wild hydrogen car prototypes that are of interest to future car fans, but are too expensive an impractical for everyday drivers.

Like science fiction, future cars fulfill a void in today's society. This kind of automobile gives people the room to dream, invent and create. There are so few restrictions on the future that one can let one's mind run wild and dream big when it comes to what the cars of the future will look like.

This is why future cars are so popular and why we wish to present a site devoted to the dreamers, inventors and creative types who wish to entertain all the possibilities of what the future for the automotive industry may hold.

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